I have had many different jobs and many different interests over the past decade but I can honestly say Human Design is the first line of “work” I have ever felt truly passionate about. The language of the system spoke to my soul right away and pinpointed the energetics I had been so aware of my entire life. Learning the mechanics of Human Design feels like second nature to me, and through my work with clients and in living my own experiment I am constantly expanding my knowledge and uncovering new layers of depth and understanding.  

I remember as a child I would feel things so deeply. To the point where I would get physically ill for no apparent reason. I would feel very intense symptoms around certain people and in certain environments or situations, and then they would disappear as quickly as they came. I thought something was wrong with me, and it’s always been a part of my life I could never really explain. When I found out what it means to be a Reflector, it was as if the missing pieces fell into place and all of a sudden my life made sense; I mirror the well-being of my environment (and the people in it) on a very deep level. 

Experimenting with Human Design has helped me integrate the shadows I had been trying to suppress and overcome for so long. I used to view my sensitivity as a “weakness” but now understand it to be one of my greatest gift in helping guide others into alignment. 

Learning about my design has given me the freedom to live life on my terms. It gave me permission to lean into what is right for me regardless of what I’ve been taught, how I’ve been raised, or how different my needs may be from what is celebrated as a societal norm. 

Though I love to dive deep into all things spirituality and energy related, my approach with Human Design is very grounded and practical. I truly believe the Human Design system can enhance the journey of any human aspiring to live with more ease, freedom, and authenticity. 

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