Learn Human Design 


If you’ve been feeling the pull to deepen your Human Design knowledge, either to incorporate it into your current line of work or out of a desire to become a reader, this 1:1 mentorship-style program is a wonderful option to gain the foundation you need to begin confidently sharing the system with others.

There are so many Human Design training programs to choose from but many are crazy expensive, are made up of pre-recorded lessons, or lack personalized connection with the instructors. Very few offer a comprehensive education in an intimate one-on-one format at an accessible price point, which is what I aim to provide in this mentorship program. 

Each session will be live and it will just be the two of us. In 10 weeks (10 x 60 minute sessions held weekly) you will learn the fundamentals of the Human Design system including all types, strategy, authorities, profiles, centers, gates, channels, basic PHS elements, and more. You have the option to add additional lessons for Q&A, practice readings and feedback, how to structure your business, or whatever else you need to feel fully supported. Homework and assignments will be given in between sessions to help you apply and integrate the information and make it your own. You will walk away from this mentorship with a comprehensive understanding of Human Design and an ability to interpret any chart that comes your way. 

10 weeks | Please contact for application form or book a consultation call below